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We provide exceptional landscaping services to a wide range of commercial and residential properties for over 6 years, including large corporate environments, city parks, shopping malls, and apartments. Our experienced landscapers set the standard each day in landscape design, paving, and hardscaping. We will whip your yard into shape in no time.


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With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your
source for the highest quality and landscaping service.

About Our Company

Asta Trading was established in 2014, with the aim of creating new indoor landscaping solutions. Our range of preserved moss, trees, flowers, foliage, leaves, wood and stones unlock design potential to create gardens with no need for water, sunlight, soil, irrigation, maintenance, or pest control.


Humans are meant to be surrounded by nature, but with ever-increasing indoor spaces, creating indoor landscaping solutions have become a costly and complex task that requires pre-planning, careful design, crafty execution, and constant maintenance. We have a better way.

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Why our Product is the Best?

Advantage of preserved products

100% Natural
All preserved products by Asta Trading are real, natural flowers and plants that have been treated with a plant-based and biodegradable preservation liquid. No toxic ingredients are used.
Endless Possibilities
The unique attributes and broad variety the Asta Trading preserved flowers make them useful in a vast array of situations. From a bridal bouquet that will keep the memory alive for years to a green wall of plants that bring nature into your life without worrying about substantial maintenance or cost.
Our preserved plants are much more efficient than fresh-cut flowers, due to their long shelf life and low energy transport and storage. The result is that the preserved flowers have a carbon footprint significantly lower than for both fresh-cut and artificial flowers. Help protect the environment one rose at the time.
Reputable Company
Operating for more than 5 years, earning a reputation for service and beautiful work.

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With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your
source for the highest quality and service.