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Ranging from cultivations around the world, our variety of preserved trees can suit any environment or space without having to rely on proper care or maintenance. Our preserved trees guarantee a fresh look and natural appeal to any indoor space for over seven years.

Raised by professionals, Asta Trading preserved Trees and Plants are carefully crafted to serve a unique capability to add all the elegance to space without all the hard work. Our preserved products do not need to be watered, fertilized, pruned or exposed to adequate sunlight, or moved according to seasonal changes.



Why Our Product and Service is the Best?

All of our preserved products are 100% natural and real. Natural plants that have been treated with a bio-degradable formula remain fresh-looking for years.
Preserved products do not need water, sunlight, or soil to remain fresh-looking for a long time.
Our range of flowers remains fresh-looking for up to one year. Our preserved trees and moss remain fresh-looking for up to seven years. All with no water, no sunlight, no soil, no insects, and 100% safe.

  Long-lasting and Maintenance-free
100% natural
  Endless Possibilities