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Given our attention to detail with sourcing and crafting, each arrangement of our preserved flowers possesses a unique natural beauty. Our range including but not limited to hydrangeas, roses, calla lilies, tuberoses guarantees to stand out as a centerpiece of attraction at any occasion. They remain fresh looking for one year without the need for water, sunlight, soil or maintenance.

Advantage of Preserved

They are cost-efficient, where flowers remain fresh looking for 1 year while trees and greens stay fresh looking for 7 years. Our plants and flowers are 100% natural and do not require water, maintenance, light or soil and maintain their original beauty and fresh look for years which makes them cost-effective, long-lasting, maintenance-free, and eco-friendly.



Why Our Product and Service is the Best?

All of our preserved products are 100% natural and real. Natural plants that have been treated with a bio-degradable formula remain fresh-looking for years.
Preserved products do not need water, sunlight, or soil to remain fresh-looking for a long time.
Our range of flowers remains fresh-looking for up to one year. Our preserved trees and moss remain fresh-looking for up to seven years. All with no water, no sunlight, no soil, no insects, and 100% safe.

  Long-lasting and Maintenance-free
100% natural
  Endless Possibilities